Post Office
Port Righ Oifis a'Phuist
Isle of Skye

4 Wentworth Street, Portree
Isle of Skye
IV51 9EJ
Open all day Monday to Saturday 09.00-17.30

Jax - the official Stamp Licker

Promoted in 2018 to Head of Security.
Licking stamps got too much for him!
Yes Jax has licked a stamp but he didnt spend all day doing this!
Too many calories if he licked them all day!
He spends most of his time meeting greeting locals and visitors -

By the way - THE GUM on British stamps is composed of polyvinyl alcohol and dextrin. The dextrin is derived from starch (e.g. potato) and the vinyl alcohol is a synthetic derived from petroleum. The gum used on ready-stamped stationery items is a blend of polyvinyl acetate and dextrin with the exception of aerogrammes, where the gum is a blend of polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. Slimmers may be interested to know that a single standard postage stamp contains 5.9 calories and Special or Commemorative stamps 14.5 calories. To avoid offending any religious groups or vegetarians, no animal products are involved!

Visit Portree Post Office
Portree Post Office is the only Bureau de Change in Portree and on the Isle of Skye, so pop in and see us for all of your currency and travel needs from currency to passport check and send and holiday insurance.